13 Wayne Holtz of HAUS of HOLTZ

HAUS of HOLTZ is in the house and we're getting down and schwifty. We crooned over our strong female role models, sold tales of dick pics, and insert content here. On the intro track we have Nicki Minaj slow remix of Superbass in honor of Wayne's amazing karaoke performance from later that night. One of these days we're gonna have to plug in the ole recorder to the karaoke system for some songs of fire and ice. That's right! I did it! I said it! What are you gonna do about it?! The outro track, by Wayne's request, is from San Antonio natives Westbound Departure, who's rumored to be stirring back up again. For our next friendcast quiz, remember what content we were supposed to insert. Links ahoy!


Nicki Minajay-z:

Westbound Departure: