11 Alberto Aranda and Curtis Jones

Holy ghost of Christmas past Batman! Today's episode is chock full of long time homies on the intro and episode! Kevin Hickman and Eshwar Rajagopal helped on the intro! Alberto Aranda (@le_xxaa) tried to buy some sweet shoes online but was shot down by bots and Curtis Jones (@curtdiggity1523) started a race war. I abandoned my ethnicity, sorry guys, kill all the white people. Then we found out that curtis raps so we played one of his jams at the front of the episode ( https://soundcloud.com/ninja-star-music/on-me-ft-curt-diggity-mr-mota ) and I picked a song for the end that Berto showed me because I love it ( https://soundcloud.com/xxyyxx/about-you ). - James #strugglecast #fingercast