7 Brandon Rice and Matt Cervantes

Happy thanksgiving! Brandon Rice and Matt Cervantes come over to celebrate all things love, identity theft, and celebrate our cultural heritage. Bryan was drunk and we ordered a pizza!

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6 Shanee Howard

The good lady Shanee Howard drops by to talk duplicunts, dopplewangers, double dickin, and salty salty shade slingin.  She talks big game and backs it up as a self proclaimed big dick swinger and LVL 7 druid. She's sure to delight and fulfill your ears as she preaches to the quire. Shout out to Sandal Wood! #snortboard

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5 Travis J Reyes

Travis Reyes (@travisjreyes on Twitter) is in the house! He's here to smoke with cigarettes and do hoodrat things with his friends.  Those friends are us.  We are James Wells and Bryan Powell, in no particular order.  If you want to catchTravis live, he is preforming at the Blind Tiger comedy club on December 4, 2015 to benefit mental health awareness.  Come explore Travis' world of Bagel Bites and nihilism on this episode of The Friendcast.  It's magic y'all.

4 Brent Carroll

Live from our living room, Brent Carroll comes over to talk movies, pop culture, and filth that should never have met the light of day.  Bryan Powell finds a more humane way to catch bears.  James Wells calls Bryan out for rambling and takes matters into his own hands.  Both do a decent job of hosting, but as I'm sure you could have guessed, they winged the whole thing. When will we get an act?  Will we ever decide on a concentrated theme?  Why are you still reading this?  Did you not read that we are wizards?  The answer is probably no for all of these. Listen and subscribe, it's the only way to find out.  Save us from ourselves! You can Brent's reviews here sheattack.com and the music featured here soundcloud.com/hoodinternet

2 Joseph Palumbo

Woah can you believe it?  We made it to two episodes!  We made an intro that we realized is a bit lengthy so skip to the 8 min mark if you're not enchanted by bad poop jokes.  If you're not enchanted by jokes about fake vaginas you should probably just skip this one entirely.  If you don't though... bro... you're in for a treat!  Joseph Palumbo ( josephpalumbo.com ) joins us for a magical journey of what it is to be an adult.  Sometimes it's rad because you're a technology mogul like Palumbo.  Sometimes it means that you've done something you instantly regretted and you've just gotta try to do better.  Oh and then theres motorcycle jokes.  Those are definitely rad.

1 Jaik Yanez

Welcome to The Friendcast with your hosts Bryan Powell and James Wells.  We sat down to talk with our friend Jaik Yanez who just released his first proper album, Yesteryears.  We talked about his musical career, inspirations, and goofed around.  There was a lot of goofin afoot.  At the end of this episode, he was radical enough to play us his first song off the album, First Flame.  If you're seeing this episode twice, congratulations on your wizardry because the first upload was way too quiet and James deleted it.  If you didn't see it, that's because James beat your caster level check.  If you're still reading this, go back to the episode and let Jaik enchant you with his bardic ways.