26 Scott Ramos

A$ap Scotty is in! We talked comedy, culture, and censorship. I tried a music bed for the first time on the intro, which we recorded with Abby (ep. 20). The music today is all from Jeff Kaale (X I X X) who I found through Casey Neistat's youtube channel. All these people are great, I love them, and I want you to love them too. If you have a word to give up to us, email, review on iTunes, or tweet at us. You know the ritual. Credits in chronological order.

Jeff Kaale - pillow talk
Jeff Kaale - Happy Days (rmx)
Jeff Kaale - lady



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25 Alyson Alonzo

Alyson Alonzo is your new friend today! We talked new music, local San Antonio music scene history, getting paid by the city to shoot lasers at birds, and of course the root of all evil. Ever wondered what a siren's call sounds like? Give your ears a listen and attempt your best not to wade out into the misty dusk waters of the internet to find more of her music. Her newest single, Love Memory is our intro and outro music. Rate and review us to spread the friendship. Definitely not a pyramid scheme. Email any concerns, questions, or suggestions to contact@thefriendcast.com or tweet at us @thefriendcast

Alyson Alonzo - Love Memory

twitter @alysonalonzo
instagram @alyson.alonzo

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24 Graham Nabors and Cait Gomez

Bryan, James, and Cait Gomez head up to Austin to hang out with Graham Nabors and friends! This episode is especially graphic and I kinda had to edit terrible things. For music Graham gave us our intro music and Cait the outro. Check out the Promo section!

The Deele -Two Occasions
Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz - Get Low

"I'm an 85 year old woman and I just want you to come water my garden while I'm at work." - Cait

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22 Bob Morrissey and Greg Deal

Bob Morrissey and Greg Deal are here today to make a public safety alert about the dangers of swamp ass, past lives, noodle kadoodle, and Aphex Twins kitty deep cuts. The intro was recorded in the back yard with Travis Reyes! We hope you enjoyed the atmospheric ambiance so let us know if it threw a stick in your ear spokes. Thanks for listening and hit us up on the social medias!

Jaime XX - Far Nearer 
Aretha Franklin - A Deeper Love (Sam Halabi Radio Remix)

Bob Morrissey
Greg Deal
Travis Reyes

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21 Save Continue Podcast with Ryan Robinson and Tommy Scialpi

Special guests from the SaveContinue.com Podcast Ryan Robinson and Tommy Scialpi join us to talk about anything but video games. Wait, don't they run the best video game commentary podcast on the internet? You bet your sweet meat cheeks they do. We recorded two episodes and we got down to that business on the first episode, which you can find over on their feed soon. #truefriend quiz: How the fuck do you play foresquare? They told me I was cheating but how are there rules to a game about throwing a ball at people??

Ephixia - Lost Woods Remix
Horse the Band - Octopus on Fire

SaveContinue Podcast

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18 Jess Castro

Joe Castro makes an appearance as the gentleman and scholar of guestatude today. Is he a wizard? Probably. Will we reveal his arcane secrets? Find out on this episode of The Friendcast! We talked about cultivating media production from the ground up, videogames, and how to sell your soul to spraytan for a higher score in garageband. Details recorded within. Hail Spraytan. #truefriend quiz: pt 1 - what kind of shirt does Jess wear? 2 - What color is the tee shirt that Jess wears?


Animaniguchi - MEOW (dope music video)
My Neighbor Totoro Theme
RATATAT - Cream on Chrome

Cyclops Joe's
Comedia A Go-Go
Public Axis (One of Us)

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17 Jake Lehle

Woah! Hey! It's Jake Lehla! What did he come here to do? What is his purpose? What is the meaning of life? all these questions questioned and more on this episode of The Friendcast! Why? Why indeed. This week's #truefriend quiz: How much wood would a wood chuck presdigitate if a wood chuck could master the arcane arts? I mean, creating raw matter from nothing seems a lot easier than actually doing the work of chewing a tree down. I mean seriously. Who chews their mouth bones on wood hunks until they fall timber? Not this guy. Learn some spells ya pedestrians.

Flume & Chet Faker - Drop the Game (Pretty rad music video if you like modern dance)
Chet Faker - No Diggity (Live Sessions)

Last Call Comedy

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16 Cristiano and Nick Ferreira

Brothers from the same mother Cristiano and Nick Ferreira here today to spread the good news of whiskey, ghosts, and one money making secret the patent industry doesn't want you to know! Guest intro help from Jake Lehla! Links ahoy friends!

Vincture - GooD3th
Baths - Plea

Cristiano Ferreira


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15 Matthew Scaggs

Ole Matty Scaggs is here to christen your sweet ear lobes about anime, dog bounty hunting, and things we love to hate! He's in between bands right now so not much music on the table. We all interrogated each other about pedophilia which got kinda weird. Sorry, not sorry. Good news is that none of us are into kids. So theres that load off your moral shoulders. If you're wondering about the omelettes, Bryan made omelette du fromage pre-show. Mom, if you're reading this, I'm not gay.

Intro Music:
In The End, You're An All Star - Jeremy Turnbull (Smashmouth vs Linkin Park)

Outro Music:
Don't Speak - No Doubt


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14 Tyler Lutz and Stephen Gamboa

Metamorphosis. In our episode recorded just after new year's day, we have one final unsheathing of the chrysalis that was 2015 on our journey to become something more. Something better. Maybe more equestrian. Our gentleman-scholars of guests were Tyler Lutz and Stephen Gamboa of beardly acclaim. Tyler is active president of the Alamo Beard Club, a charitable organization that can throw some mean fundraisers. Stephen is secretary of the ABC's and founder of Wayfarer's Fine Grooming Goods for beards and more. We delved into the men they've been, the men they've become, and the men they want to become. Oh, and we riddled this with sexy scifi nonsense. Links ahoy!

Alamo Beard Club:

Wayfarer's Fine Grooming Goods

FEED - Statesman

HORSE the Band - Lord Gold Throneroom

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13 Wayne Holtz of HAUS of HOLTZ

HAUS of HOLTZ is in the house and we're getting down and schwifty. We crooned over our strong female role models, sold tales of dick pics, and insert content here. On the intro track we have Nicki Minaj slow remix of Superbass in honor of Wayne's amazing karaoke performance from later that night. One of these days we're gonna have to plug in the ole recorder to the karaoke system for some songs of fire and ice. That's right! I did it! I said it! What are you gonna do about it?! The outro track, by Wayne's request, is from San Antonio natives Westbound Departure, who's rumored to be stirring back up again. For our next friendcast quiz, remember what content we were supposed to insert. Links ahoy!


Nicki Minajay-z:

Westbound Departure:

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12 Eshwar Rajagopal and Kevin Hickman

Join us as we get ready for 2016 with Cristiano's patented "Chillin Wit Da Homies Simulator 2015". Some special friends flew in from all over the place to wrap it all up with a bow. We named some of our favorite movies and music from the past year, and Eshwar explains how elephants cohabitate with humans in India. We also watched John Cena save Scooby and the gang. It was a magical time with bros across the globe. #eyeofthetiger

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11 Alberto Aranda and Curtis Jones

Holy ghost of Christmas past Batman! Today's episode is chock full of long time homies on the intro and episode! Alberto Aranda (@le_xxaa) tried to buy some sweet shoes online but was shot down by bots and Curtis Jones (@curtdiggity1523) started a race war. I abandoned my ethnicity, sorry guys, kill all the white people. Then we found out that curtis raps so we played one of his jams at the front of the episode ( https://soundcloud.com/ninja-star-music/on-me-ft-curt-diggity-mr-mota ) and I picked a song for the end that Berto showed me because I love it ( https://soundcloud.com/xxyyxx/about-you ). - James #strugglecast #fingercast

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10 John Robertson

The force is strong with John Robertson, the distinguished Italian motherfucker. Things get spicy with terrible things in music, Star Wars, and John's transatlantic love story. If you recall, John was on previously but his episode was forever lost in the dark corners of time. John enchants and delights his way to retribution for us all as the force awakens. Review us on itunes or tweet at us with these hashtags and we'll read it on the next intro #friendcast #distinguisheditalianmotherfucker

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9 Garbage People with Brodie Kelly

Special Garbage People - Friendcast cross episode with Brodie Kelly! Our friend from Portland, Oregon Skyped in with us to connect the west coast to the south coast.  We talked black friday, black days for room mates, and true facts every half hour! #fucktable

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8 Alex Birnel

Alex Birnel comes over to talk death, sex, and politics. We interviewed him on the day of his 23rd birthday party, so you can hear some party playlist playing.  We won't lie, Homeward Bound on VHS came up and things got weird.  Then Bryan asked Alex if he'd ever had sex in public and James if he'd ever been fisted... At some point Alex confessed to causing national tragedies with his good looks. There was also a heavy presence of hivemind activity. Music on this episode is Diarrhea Planet - Separations.  Happy birthday Alex! Tommy Lee Jones, if you're listening to this, #ManOfTheHouse2016

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